Attempting Alert-Window Auto-Response

Mac OS 10.15.7
KM 9.0.6

Hi there,
As a broad overview– I often get alert windows to which my response is always the same, and am trying to learn how to set up auto-responses to them.

Specifically in this case– My laptop battery often goes down to 0 overnight and the next morning I get "Your computer was restarted because of a problem. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple," to which I always click "Ignore."

Currently I'm using the trigger Focused Window Title Changes, which the Macro log shows is being triggered, but if anything it seems too broad– I wonder if there's a trigger that might be more specific to alert windows or, better yet, alert windows with specified text content.

On top of that I'm using If A Button with the name Ignore Exists– I can't tell if this condition is triggering or not. But I can say that the actions that I place within that If condition don't seem to get triggered.

Lastly, the action itself– I had previously tried getting it to respond by pressing Enter or command-I (this seems to be gone now but I remember previous versions of MacOS letting you press command-First-Letter-of-the-Alert-Button-You-Wanted). But this particular alert window seems a little odd, because even when pressing these keystrokes manually neither of them seem to actuate the "Ignore" button.

Currently I'm trying to use a located mouse click in the location where the Ignore button happens to fall, but– 1) it doesn't seem to get triggered, and 2) it would be sub-optimal even if it did, because I use monitors of different sizes.

Any suggestions are appreciated,
Thank you for reading!

Auto-Ignore "Report to Apple" Alert Macro (v9.0.6)

Auto-Ignore "Report to Apple" Alert.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

Please post a screenshot of this window.

Hi Michael, Absolutely.


You can put your macro in a Macro Group that is activated ONLY when the Title of the Window matches your target window:


Interesting– I can see this being useful for future macros.

Ok for this one I've tried this just now, it doesn't seem to change the result in this case. Looking at the Window menu, it looks like this alert window doesn't have a title. At first I tried using the alert text as the title. When that didn't work I suspected the title was blank, but then tried using "Available when focused window title does not match" and the regex ".+" which did not trigger either.

Good to know though! I'm 119 macros in and didn't realize you could set parameters like this for a group.

The plot thickens– In further testing I have found that the regex ".+" actually does work to activate the macro group; apparently this alert window really does have a title that consists of nothing. I found this out by changing the IF condition to "If a button with name Ignore does not exist," which does somehow trigger the action beneath it. Same thing with the other button in labelled "Report..."– If I make a condition that a button with that name exists, nothing happens, but if I make the condition that a button with that name not exist, the action triggers. I'm starting to think this particular alert window is somehow unique– Neither of the two buttons are highlighted to suggest being triggered by pressing Enter (and neither do if I press it). Furthermore, if I press tab I can highlight the buttons in a different way, not sure what the phrase would be but it looks more like how text fields highlight as you move through them in a webform– The highlight color goes around the button rather than filling it. Even with either of them highlighted this way, pressing Enter does not activate them.
It's starting to look like this is just a strange case that needs a Found Image trigger to identify the alert window and find the Ignore button to click on.