Attempting to Trigger Minimize All by Clicking Specific Mouse Coordinates (Bottom Right of the Screen)

Hi there,

I'm looking to trigger 'Hide All Applications' when I click the bottom right corner of my screen.

The mouse coordinates for the bottom right are 1439 899 I believe, and I'd like left click to trigger it. But I can't find the right way to trigger it.

Can anyone help out?



You would need a good aim, with that method, I think. Perhaps show a palette to provide a more easily clickable target.

I wonder if you have definitely committed to not triggering the macro in another way, e.g. with a mouse gesture.

@kevinb's idea a is good. If you really want to click (no keyboard), then create a small palette that is always visible and move it where you want. You can also have several of these palettes on your screen. It could look like this (or whatever you want).

(-) = hide all apps
(+) = show all apps

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It's literally just moving my mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen and clicking, an action that I never do. It's a useful feature from Windows 8/10/11 that I'm trying to duplicate on MacOS. You don't need good aim, you just need to be able to find the corner.

I have committed to doing it this way because I find Keyboard Maestro's implementation of mouse gestures to be very undercooked. BetterTouchTool is a better solution for gesture-based inputs.

Can anyone assist with the original question?

I assume the initial question was: Does KM have corner triggers? Answer: As far as I know, no.

Additional question: Does BTT have corner triggers? Answer: Yes.

So what is to be done? You have given yourself the answer.


The corner is an easy target, but you'll have to trigger a macro that tests where the pointer is for each and every click you do anywhere on the screen. That's why, if you want to use KM, putting a palette in the corner and clicking that is a better option.

As @Frankb says -- if you've got BTT then check out its hot corners feature. You'll even save yourself a click!

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I probably should have stated that I'm aware of the BTT corners, and the specific reason I'm asking for a KeyboardMaestro trigger is that BTT's implementation of 'Hide All Windows' is less robust than KeyboardMaestro's.

All I'm looking for is a way to click the bottom right corner of my screen and trigger KeyboardMaestro's 'Hide All Applications' action.


You can trigger the KM action with BTT. Many do that.

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Keyboard Maestro doesn't have a hot corner trigger or a trigger that takes account of mouse coordinates. So, the only way to do this totally in Keyboard Maestro is to have a globally active macro that is triggered by a left click of the mouse button and then run a test in the Macro to see where the mouse pointer is. As @Nige_S has pointed out, this would mean the Macro would be fired every single time you clicked the left mouse button in any App anywhere on screen. If the mouse is in the right place, all Applications get hidden. If the mouse is not in the right place, nothing happens.

This should work but would probably lead to problems so, I am only illustrating for info rather than suggesting you implement it.

As @Frankb has just suggested, you can use BTT to trigger a Keyboard Maestro Macro.

As this is built-in to Windows it obviously works well. Have you tried the nearest built-in equivalent on the Mac? You can set a hot corner to "Desktop". It's not quite the same but in practical terms it does a similar thing to hiding all application windows and revealing the Desktop. After you have finished with the Desktop, moving the mouse to the same corner restores all your Application windows as they just were.

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Whoa, I can use BTT to trigger a Keyboard Maestro Macro?! How?!

That's awesome!

I think this post demonstrates how:

Running a macro from BTT will only run it once - #2 by appleianer

BTT runs AppleScript, and you can script the activation of a macro.




I think the easiest way is to assign a shortcut to the KM action 'Hide All Applications', then trigger this shortcut with the corner trigger of BTT.

I still haven't quite figured out if you want to click or not.

Anyway, the corner trigger of BTT does not need a click.

If you want to click in the corner, then you probably need the "Advanced Contitions".

left click

Probably the "opposite" is also needed. So left click everywhere except in this corner, the same conditions but "is not" x and y.

I ended up finding a semi solution. I modified my Keyboard Maestro hotkey to also quit Finder, because KBM's 'Hide All Applications' leaves Finder untouched for some reason:

I then set the bottom right hot corner of Better Touch Tool to trigger the hotkey:

The one thing I'm stuck on is exactly what @Frankb was talking about. I'd like to be able to click the bottom right screen by tapping the touchpad, but I can't figure out how to set up the Advanced Conditions to make it work.

I've tried everything but I can't get it to work - frustrating.

First, relax. :wink: This is really not complicated. I'm a beginner and even I can understand this.

(1) If you want to click, you don't need BTT's corner triggers. They are made so that you don't have to click.

(2) So you can do everything in KM. Create a palette that looks like this, for example.

(3) Then drag the palette to the extreme corner of your screen.

(4) Now when you click in that corner, KM will perform the action you want.

Sorry, I can't explain it better. :man_shrugging: Maybe others can.

Ah, and I also tried this with BTT and the Advanced Conditions. It works perfectly. But as I said, you don't need BTT for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

What conditions did you use for the BTT advanced conditions? I feel dense, but I tried setting left_mouse_down is 1 and left_mouse_down is not 0 (and other variations) and it just disables the corner action :frowning:

Okay, so you have got BTT to launch your Keyboard Maestro Macro when the mouse is in the lower-right corner of screen.

But you want to only have the Macro actually do something if you move to the corner of screen and click the left mouse button.

Here's a way to do that:

  1. Have BTT launch the KM Macro by lower-right Screen Corner (as you have already)
  2. Start the Keyboard Maestro Macro with a Pause Until Action, set to wait for the left mouse button to be down before doing anything.
  3. Give this Pause Action a timeout so that if you haven't clicked the left mouse button within say, 2 seconds the Macro will just Cancel without doing anything.

The result is that if you move the mouse to lower-right corner of screen and click the mouse button, the Macro will Hide All Applications.

EXAMPLE Hide All.kmmacros (2.8 KB)

Click to Show Image of Macro

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