Audio Reminder Utility

Today I wrote a fabulous utility that I want to post right here, but before I do, I hope that it's okay to ask for feedback or ideas.

My utility is designed to have KM ask you using your Mac's speakers (such as weekly, hourly or daily) if you've done certain things, and you answer back "Yes" or "No" or possibly certain other answers, using your Microphone. If you said "Yes", it won't bother you for the rest of the timeframe. If you said "No", it will ask you again in a certain period of time. If your keyboard or mouse is very active, it won't ask until there's a better time.

So here are some ideas that I plan to have my new utility ask me: (because sometimes I need reminders)

  • [Daily] Have you taken your Vitamin D today?
  • [Daily] Have you checked your calendar for appointments today?
  • [Daily] Are you caught up on your laundry?
  • [Thursday] Have you taken out the garbage?

My utility works, but I was wondering what features people would like to see in this. My utility is implemented using a feature of KM that may be too complex for some users so I'm considering putting a wrapper around it so that everything is controllable by voice. For example, "Remind me every Thursday to take out the garbage." Doing this isn't as complicated as it sounds, but at least I have the basic version running now. I'm looking for feature ideas before I release it.


I just realized I need two new features:

  1. A time/stamp record of all the times I said "Yes" (so I can prove to my doctor that I took all my Vitamin D, and when I took it)
  2. In addition to "Yes" and "No", I need a third valid response, e.g., "Skip" which functions like a "No" but doesn't put a record of successful completion into the log.

Did you mean for this to be in the 'Macro Library' category?

would love to try this utility