Audio-Video Tracks in Avind Media Composer


I’m aware that most of you guys are not familiar with Avid Media Composer so I try to explain my nerdy problem to non-editors.

In Media Composer I often need to splice- in parts of older versions in my current cut.

This means I have sequences with lots of Video- and Audiotracks in Source and Record monitor.

I created a ‚Match-frame’-macro where all tracks except V1 in Source-Record are disabled in order to to ‚jump‘ to the right sync spot in Source-and Record timeline.

(Basically MC looks for the identical image in V1 both in Source-Record timeline)

I wonder whether there’s is a way in KM to ‚remember‘ and set the originally chosen tracks after performing the ‚match-frame‘-Macro .

So an example:

In Image 1 you see the tracks that I highlighted (left is the source-Timeline, right is the Record-timeline).

Now I perform my ‚match-frame‘-Macro and afterwards it looks like in Image 2.

The challenge is after performing to be able to get back to originally highlighted tracks (Image1)

Any ideas?

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Image 1.tiff (221.7 KB)
Image 2.tiff (205.4 KB)

I'm out of the country without my mac, but my first thought is:

  • Find image of something that identifies the current track as selected and save the image coordinates as a variable.
  • Do the splicing part of your macro.
  • Click relative to saved coordinates to return the initial track selection.
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Thanks man!
My workflow meant quite an effort and probably not very elegant since I made seperate macros for all 28 tracks but it works!
I used the Pixel condition rather than the Found image but the saving to variable-part was the key.
All the best,

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I use similar things for overcutting. You would have to share your macro so I can see exactly what you're doing. Generally, assigning the tracks (with variables) is the best way to do this, then you can trigger arming the tracks by keyboard shortcut rather than looking for an image. Happy to help if you are still trying to work out the kinks. Cheers.