Auto-bounce Macro for Logic Pro X (v10.0.2)

Auto-bounce Macro for Logic Pro X (v10.0.2)

Auto-bounce.kmmacros (38 KB)

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Great macro!

I made something similar some time ago, for bouncing tracks from one session, which auto-sets bounce settings and creates an appropriately titled folder for you on the desktop. Here it is, in case you like any of the ideas. The green action uses a shortcut that isn't set by default in Logic, so make sure to set one before running it.

Bounce Tracks.kmmacros (77 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Great macro
By the way what is the point of “show incremental progress bar” ? Wouldn’t you just see a progress bar when logic is bouncing?

Is there a way for logic to find out how many tracks is in the sessions and somehow we transfer that information to keyboard maestro?

Cheers! Didn't mean to hijack @linnmaritae's thread, but as you asked...

It shows progress of the entire process, rather than of an individual bounce.

Not as far as I know. Logic doesn't have an AppleScript dictionary, so that kind of thing is quite hard to discern. If the aim is to bounce all tracks, you could optionally loop the process until the track name copied was the same as the previous one (i.e. you've reached the bottom track).

@RazMastero Ok I've had a play around and made some changes:

  • The prompt now instructs you to make sure the last (bottom) two tracks don't have the same name. This is slightly inelegant, but I can't think of a way to count the total number of tracks without making the macro very involved and slow.

  • There is now a button in the prompt which you can select to bounce all tracks.

  • I added a custom folder name option, useful if you'd like to identify the batch of stems you're bouncing. If, for example, you add "Drums" to this field, the resultant folder will be named:

"My Song - PARTS - Drums 1"

  • I managed to stop the progress bar disappearing behind Logic's own floating windows by repositioning it. However, the method I'm using to bounce all tracks involves setting the bounce number to Logic's maximum track count (1000), and then breaking the bounce loop once the current track name matches the one from the previous bounce (i.e. we've reached the final track in the session). This means that if I set it up to show progress when bouncing all tracks, it would show a percentage of 1000, which isn't helpful. If at some point a better way to count the number of tracks in a session comes up, I'll fix the progress bar functionality, which I think would be quite handy if you're bouncing a lot of tracks. Its constituent actions are marked out in red. Currently, enabling them will cause the macro to fail when bouncing all tracks but you can try it out when bouncing a specific number.

  • I've added Folder increments. This allows you to bounce multiple batches of tracks to separate folders. The first will always be titled, "My Song - PARTS 1". If subsequent batches of tracks are bounced from the same session, new folders will be created with incremented numbers. This also works if the optional custom folder name is used.

Bounce Tracks.kmmacros (91 KB)

Macro screenshot

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Hi, I'm very new to this. When I download the .kmmacros file, what do I do with it? How do I get it working in my logic?

Double click the .kmmacros icon and it will load into the KM Editor.
Look for a new group name and the macro will be in that.

Hi! I've tried the macro and at first it worked but then it seems to fail on the progress bar and stops executing. Any ideas on what could have happened? Thanks

Check out the Bounce Tracks macro HERE, which is the most recent iteration of this. If you have issues with that, let me know and I'll have a look at it.

ok, thanks a lot!