Auto-close display text in window after a user determined time delay?

@peternlewis suggested in 2021 that the next version of KBM would contain a native way to auto-close after a user determined time but I can't find that option in the current version.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Add a Pause for x seconds action and a Manipulate a Window action after your display text action to close the last engine window.

See action:Manipulate a Window [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]


On top of what @tiffle said, you can run those actions (the pause and manipulate engine window actions) in a subroutine, asynchronously, to allow the macro to continue doing more things as it waits to close the display text window.

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That would have to be a submacro to be executed asynchronously.


Whoops, yes that’s what I meant to write. :sweat_smile:


thanks very much @tiffle and @cdthomer !


Yes, it is an essential point to run it asynchronously, since it is only a question of displaying a notification a bit longer that the standard display text. By asynchronous, you basically mean to run it as a sub-macro which I understand. What more must I do to make it run asynchronously ?
thank you

Right click on the execute macro action and select the “Asynchronously” option.

Action Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 07.19.56

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thanks very much !!

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