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I am a proud new licensee of KM. I have chosen it over [years of licensing] Phrase Express Pro thus trying to see if I can incorporate some conveniences of the latter.

Is there an autocorrect listing for KM that I can download and feed it to KM [with a how-to] to avoid starting from scratch like adding doesnt for doesn't, etc.?

Upon a recommendation online, I deleted all the initial macros, and I hope I haven't already deleted such a repertoire. Thanks!

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Read this before you invest heavily in Keyboard Maestro text expansions:

A case for a separate text-expansion utility.

No, I'm afraid not – unless someone has posted one to the forum I don't know about.

This post is relevant to you:

Macro to Create a Text Expansion Macro from the Selected Text

Searching for "text expansion" on the forum will find quite a few hits.

That was extremely bad advice.

If you haven't created any (or many) macros yet I suggest you completely uninstall Keyboard Maestro and start over.

I think AppDelete has a demo period.

The thing to do with Keyboard Maestro is turn OFF all the built-in macros.

Then look them over and test any that look like they'll be useful to you.

Then look at how they're built and learn from them.

Keep the rest for reference as well and move them into a disabled macro group called something like “Example Macros”.

Keyboard Maestro is a race car.

Someone who knows how to work on an old pickup truck will be able to get quite a lot of things done, but like many things there's a learning curve to more advanced usage – and you need good examples along the way.

The forum is a great place to find such things, but you don't want to throw away the homegrown stuff while it's still useful.


All the default macros, and a bunch of other macros, are available in the Macro Library within Keyboard Maestro. So there is no need to re-install to get them back, you can get any of those macros back by installing them from the Macro Library window.

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I went ahead and reinstalled the KM! So far, no issues. Thanks for the kind support. I have made a few simple macros, but I know I am on a steep learning path!

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