Auto Fill Gmail in Chrome

I am using Keyboard Maestro to auto respond to emails. That said, I am finding I get inconsistent results when executing macros when using KM to navigate from subject to the body of the email and sending. I find myself having to adjust the pauses each time I run the macro. One time it will work then next time it won't. Is anybody having similar issues?


Instead of using pauses, you might want to look into the browser actions. Specifically the "Set front browser field to text" actions. This way you could potentially set the fields to text without having to tab between the individual fields.

I find this is more reliable for commonly used macros, but it does depend on navigating the DOM of the page in a reliable way. Chrome dev tools allow you to inspect an element and then right click -> copy xpath which will give you the field identifier that you need for the action mentioned above.

Hey Ryan,

In-browser software like Gmail is very difficult to handle, because Keyboard Maestro can't see into the UI.

Nevertheless you may be able to use JavaScript to detect when you can continue from one step to another in your script.

But – don't expect that to be a walk in the park. (Many people have tried to script Gmail with some or no success.)

Another possibility is to use a Pause Until action with a Found-Image condition.


This action is processor-intensive, but sometimes it's the only game in town.