Auto Journal

I am working on putting together an automatic journal of sorts.

I wrote/copied together this script, and set KM to fire it every night at 00:01 AM

tell application "Evernote"
	-- next line is for potential EN bug: “Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance”:
	-- activate
	--create note title ((current date) as text) with text ("journal:" as text) notebook "Journal"
	--assign tag ("journal") to note
	set note1 to create note title ((current date) as text) with text "Journal Entries for today:" notebook "Journal"
	assign tag "journal" to note1
end tell

I write stuff myself in there of course as well, but I want to augment that with some information. A number of the things can be easily done with IFTTT (Read Articles in Pocket, Posts and Pictures on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram Pictures added).

I would also like to add a simple list of emails I read, wrote and responded to today. Just a list that says: emails that arrived, from whom, subject line
Emails that were sent out, to whom, subject line.
Nothing fancy, doesn’t have to be links.
Is this possible? I couldn’t get an applescript to select the mail from today…

How would I do a similar thing with evernote notes? So, a short list with all the notes I created or changed today? Just the title, if linked, then great, but not important.

And lastly, (and I think this one is probably hardly possible) a list of all completed todos today from my todo list manager (I use Things by Cultured Code which has some support for Applescript, but to me it looks like that is only meant for putting information into Things, not getting any information back out.

Let me know if this spikes your interest and if you have any creative solutions to make this work?

David, do a Google on “Evernote journal” and you should see lots of hits to give you some ideas and possible solutions.

Here's a script that will get you partway there. This summarizes calendar and email to a delimited file. Should be not-too-terribly-hard to have that log somehow to Evernote. (I use this for when I forget to keep up on daily time-logging.)

This only checks sent mail, not received, but updating it accordingly shouldn't be too terrible, although the script will take a lot longer to run.

Can't speak to "Things" ability to export data.

Another approach would be to consider using MDFind commands to pull a list of everything, depending on the amount of detail you need. If you just want a summary, that might be enough.Calendar Summarizer Thing (1.7 KB)

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One other thought on email: You could BCC all your emails to Evernote and/or set up a mail rule to forward all email to your Evernote email address.