Auto-pause Radium on FaceTime call

As a KM beginner, some pointers would be appreciated regarding the following…

When I’m working from home, I like to have the radio on. I use Radium for this. I also tend to get called a lot, and I use the wonderful Continuity function to pick up the call on my Mac. Now, I’ve written a small thingy to Pause Radium when FaceTime activates, which works swell:

Trigger: application FaceTime activates
Execute Applescript: tell application “Radium” to pause

But… how can I auto-unpause Radium when I finish the call? Given that I tend to click through several windows during a call (I’m working after all) I can’t assume that when FaceTime de-activates I can resume Radium, right? Also, if I don’t have the radio on when the call starts, I don’t want KM to start it up whenever I finish a call.

Any pointers in the right direction?

You might try this, or some variation thereof:
The key is you have to quit FaceTime at the end of your call, if clicking the "End Call" button does not.

Execute Applescript: tell application "Radium" to play

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