Auto save Zoom chat

We're on a regular Zoom that someone else initiates and we don't have an account. Zoom allows the host to auto save but that's not an option for participants. The chat goes away when the session ends. I realize it would be bit hard to catch something after it happens. The ending time varies.

Maybe just save every minute and accept the loss of the last minute would be OK. I can probably do this, but thought I'd check to see if anyone has solved this.

Edit. I did finally write a macro. Took me an hour at least. Auto launch and repeats two clicks every minute to save the chat. Runs until Zoom quits. At one point I didn't have the one-minute pause and had to force quit computer since the loop was continuous. And if Zoom not at front, brings Zoom to front but may not save. Mildly annoying, but don't normally have another app open. Will see if I need to fix that.

One minute interval is arbitrary, but probably not much chat at end as we usually take a bit to say our goodbyes.

In the past I’ve just done a screen recording on my iPad which worked OK. Started and ended manually though.

That's a partial solution. I didn't say it but it's a foreign language class and having the text is good. But your way we also get the pronunciation!