Hey people,

I’m still struggling with the auto-save-routine of Media Composer.

The software of course provides an auto-save and has an ‚attic‘-routine implemented that saves up to 999 versions of my edit-bin.

So when I set up the autosave to three minutes, every three minute the bin is saved within the attic-folder with the bin name and an incrementing number from ‚1‘ to ‚999’.

Once the attic-folder contains 999 versions the oldest version is deleted for the new versions.

In theory it’s foolproof but from time to time there is that Media Composer hiccup (especially when ‚999’ is exceeded) that new versions are not gonna be saved which is disastrous when relying on your auto-save.

Is there a way to have macro that checks periodically the auto-save-folder and automatically backs up the attic-folder when the latest version-file is at ‚999‘?



Hey Simon,

Please provide some actual file names of the backups (including a ,999), so we can see what we're dealing with.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for coming back to me.

So this is an example of the actual files names (and the hiccup I mentioned when you look at the creation date of 'Bilder marked_clipped.1' and 'Bilder marked_clipped.999'.

The bin that is being saved is called ''Bilder marked_clipped'

Have a good day,