Auto scroll

Is it possible for Keyboard Maestro to automatically scroll down a page, whilst I'm working in a different window?

I'm aware of the app Smart Scroll, but this does not allow scrolling when working in a different app.


You can scroll down with the scroll wheel, but the mouse has to be over the page. So you could have a macro that moved the mouse over the page, simulated the scroll wheel, and moved it back. Which would be ok, if the page is visible, and if you are actively triggering the macro so that the scrolling happens when you are not trying to also use the mouse.

Or potentially you can send a keystroke to an application that is not in the front. Something like Space or Down Arrow might scroll the page down. If so, and if that application accepts the keys sent to it when it is not at the front (not all applications handle keystrokes sent to them when they are in the background), that might be an option.

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