Auto-Send an Email from Contacts in an Excel File

Trying to send a "personalized" email to various people that i have on a spreadsheet. I feel more comfortable using python to script extracting values from a spreadsheet such as First name, email address, etc. however, I don't know how to control Mac Mail using python to draft the email and paste the content. Therefore, I wanted to use a combination of Keyboard maestro and python.

I envision having python start extracting some values like First name, email address, and what email template to choose from, then feed that into Keyboard maestro somehow and have KM take care of drafting the email and sending it automatically.

Anyone know how to do this?

I'm not affiliated but I personally use SerialMailer for this. It can be done with keyboard maestro but I value my time and SM saves me plenty. YMMV

Thanks I'm looking into this however it costs ($30), and I don't plan, as of yet, to use it more than once. I am want to only send an email once to about 140 email addresses but that is it.

This perhaps doesn't answer your question, though it may solve your problem. Feel free to delete.

I had a similar situation and ended up using something like this very simple macro below. I tested it a few times, played around with the delays and then put in on repeat for the next 40 times, with a few more delays.

If I did it again, I would use variables rather than clipboards. It can also be done with applescript, but for quick and easy, this is the way I did it. Also, I was using airmail, so you'd need to change those setting to make it work in mail or whatever you use. It ain't pretty but.... :slight_smile:

There are certainly 'better' ways to do it.

Of course, since you are comfortable extracting the values from the excel file with python, there are plenty of example applescripts demonstrating how to the create an email. See here:

here: Scripting Apple Mail

and this thread seems to be doing a very similar thing: pulling-in-variables-from-a-csv-file-to-use-in-mail-merges

Repeat.kmactions (8.8 KB)