Auto Send Email to Family and Friends

I use this macro to automate sending email items that I consider interesting to my family and friends. While it is specialized to work for me and mine, it does contain some "ideas" to which I needed to give much thought in order to make it work... for me. I am posting it here for two reasons: 1) I was asked to, and 2) It may help someone else.

Of interest might be how I went about finding and editing the text hyperlink and/or the text I created in order to stop the macro if a hyperlink is not found.

The macro works on sections of emails that I receive and wish to share. Here are some examples of the type of entries I use with this macro:

A pet cat on the run is finally caught.

:bear: Aww: And now, bears at the pool.

BFFs: Netflix named Microsoft as its partner for its upcoming ad-supported service. After forecasting a loss of 2m subscribers in Q2, the company has finally embraced the low-cost, ad-based model.

Please know that I have edited the macro to remove the actual email addresses to which I send the emails. Please also know that I have not included the dictionary of subjects.

While I am sure many of you could write this macro much better than I, at least it works for me. Still, I am fully open to any suggestions that may enhance my work.

Mail to Friends & Family.kmmacros (32.9 KB)

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