Auto size and app to 1280x720

Hi, Pretty new to this.
Wondering if I could set some to trigger any app that has screen focus / active app to resize itself tot to 1280x720, so I have aspect right for screen video recordings. This would save me a ton of time and greatly improve videos.

Any help guidance appreciated.

You can resize a window to 1280x720 using the Manipulate a Window action.

You can trigger by all sorts of things, including application activation or window changes.

It is not entirely clear what you are trying to do, but some combination of those might be what you want.

Hi, Thanks for that. Basically, I screen record applications and then edit them in da Vinci/Final Cut. If you can record with the APP at say 1280x720 size then you have the 16.9 aspect ratio when you edit the video. It's all about maintaining the aspect ratio.