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I am so grateful to this community and creators of this fantastic tool which I recently started using. So, I've been trying for a while to find a solution to the problem of autocompletion words from a dictionary. My goal was to mimic a tool that I use with Sublime that autocompletes words from the same document by hitting the tab key. The drawback is that it only completes from the same document. Also, I was looking for a global solution that works also outside Sublime. Most other tools require abbreviations such as TextExpander. Some other do autocomplete automatically when hitting three letters as prefix as in PhraseExpress. So, these all do not satisfy my requirement that is by autocompleting words when hitting a global shortcut.

So, I found this cool tool BBAutocomplete which is built as an Applescript API to autocomplete words from the local dictionary on os x as well as a given list of words if given from the script. This tool is built to work on particular applications like TextWrangler by adding some Applescript to each application. I adapted this tool to work globally on any application - thanks to the power of KM.

I was hoping to find a way to sort words by frequency but it is not available with BBAutocomplete. Also, I cannot go back in words natively. A workaround is to use the cmd-z.

Import this macro and add your preferred shortcut. Then, start typing a few letters from a word then hit the shortcut to get it expanded. Keep hitting the shortcut to go over other words. Noting that you have to allow some time between hitting to allow the macro to copy the word into clipboard.

I thought it's worth sharing with other ppl in this community. I would also appreciate to see any improvement or thoughts.
BBAutocomplete.kmmacros (4.1 KB)

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