Automate Colors in Logic Pro X?

I’m looking to solve an issue I have with Logic, and I’m wondering if KM is the solution.

I like to have my projects organized by color (guitars=green, drums=blue, etc.) but logic does not make keeping those colors easy. For example...

  1. If you have a track stack, and you drag a new track into the track stack, Logic does not change the color of the track into the color of the track stack.

  2. Some DAWS have a feature that allows you to color by name. For example, if you want your guitar tracks to be green, as soon as you type “guitar” into your track name, it will automatically turn green. Logic cannot do this.

Is there some way that KM can solve this problem?

Hi. I don't think it's possible to do everything you're describing, but I did make a Colours macro here. You'll most likely have to individually edit the locations of each colour according to your screen setup, but it does work nicely once done.