Automate filling-out PDF forms

Wondering if anyone here cracked the code on filling-out PDF forms automatically with KM or any other app.

I’ve sort of automated filling-out web forms using 1password but not PDFs.


Interesting Post, would love to hear more about it too!

Do you mean having KM recognize common fields like Email and Password in any PDF, however those fields are labeled? If so, I have not suggestions on that front. :slight_smile:

If you mean automatically filling out the same fields in the same or PDF frequently, that’s fairly easy to set up with KM. PDF fields have a tab order. If the form was created correctly, the tab order should match the logical order of the fields–i.e. pressing tab moves sequentially from Field 1 to Field 2 to Field 3. Tell KM to fill in the data for Field 1, send a Tab key, fill in Field 2, send a Tab key, and so on.

Is it possible to fill in a PDF from KM variables without opening the PDF and then email the pdf to a mailbox?

Hey Ali,

I'd be somewhat surprised... <shrug>

A little research suggests that:

It might be possible to automate form filling with Acrobat on the Mac.

There is a windows-only pdf form-filler.

But that's a much time as I'm willing to spend on the issue.


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Thank you