Automate google doc manipulation


I've got a workflow that I'm going to be repeating a lot in the coming weeks. I'm going to be receiving conference proposals that have all of the speaker information in various formats. I'm manually uploading these documents to a google docs folder. I then need to copy just the paper abstract part (that is just a section of the google doc), to another google doc, in another folder - give that a unique number (so it is anonymised), and add that number - hopefully to a google spreadsheet, where it is matched with the authors name.

That's probably the end of the automation part. The anonymised papers will go to reviewers who will leave a rating on another google spreadsheet, I will match that back up with the authors name. I'm going to do one manually and write the steps I take.

  1. Load Author 'A' Full proposal (File 1)
  2. Highlight and Copy just paper abstract part
  3. Create new google doc. (File 2)
  4. Paste paper abstract into File 2.
  5. Name File a sequential number
  6. Open Google Spreadsheet (File 3)
  7. Copy & Paste name of File 1 into Column A of File 3 (end of file)
  8. Copy & Paste name of File 2 into Column B of File 3 (end of file)
  9. Create a shareable link for File 2 (by clicking on 'Share' button and copy and paste the created URL to Column C of File 3 (that shareable link should probably be created at step 6!)

I think that's it. It seems like a big ask.

Another alternative could be to create text files rather than google docs, in a folder with their numbers, and then just email them or dropbox them to reviewers, and they could still enter ratings in a google doc. This seems more like something KM would excel at than chrome/safari manipulation, hitting links and waiting for loading, though it could probably still be done. I will give this some more thought, it only occured to me after going through the process of writing out the above.

I would welcome any thoughts on the best way to approach this task. At the end of the month I will need to do this between 60 - 100 times.