Automatic filing of a password protected PDF

I’m looking to create a workflow for automatically renaming and filing my utility bill. My current approach is to use a combination of Hazel and KM.

My question is: is there a way to call up a KM macro from Hazel? Does it require apple script or automator? I was gong to use Hazel to watch the desktop and look for a match and then open the document and then KM to enter the password (always my zip code) change the security setting and then use Hazel again to rename it and file it in Devonthink Pro.

Any insights are appreciated.

You can launch every macro via AppleScript, and you can run AppleScripts from Hazel.

  1. Open the “Or by script.” menu of your macro.
  2. Select “AppleScript”.
  3. Copy the script and run it from Hazel.

  • As you see you can launch the macro by UUID or by its name.
  • If your macro doesn’t take a parameter you can remove the line “with parameter…” (I think).
  • If you encounter problems, try to uncomment the “ignoring…” lines.

This is also documented on the KM Wiki.