Automatic filing of documents arriving in macOS Mail?

Not sure where to start... So... Recently FileThis went out of commission. It is no longer available and no longer functions. This is a service that I have been using for a number of years and it has automatically moved, sorted, and stored my invoices and bank records into my Evernote account. The one thing that always disturbed me about FileThis was that it was on the web and, well, who knows. At any rate, the service functioned pretty well.

What I would like to do is set up MacOS Mail to capture these documents, send them to a specific mail folder, and then have Applescript and/or KBM manipulate them a bit by adding a date to the subject and an appropriate tag based on the content, and send them to my Obsidian application for storage. Obviously, I would want to do this all automatically. The upside is that it is all in-house and no longer 'out there somewhere'.

I would like to hear other members' thoughts concerning this. I mean is it even doable?

Have you had a look at Hazel?


Ahh Hazel, an amazing app that I used for a while for the most trivial of things, then abandoned it for no good reason. Every time I see it’s name mentioned around here, I say to myself I need to look into using it again, and then forget to do so. :sweat_smile:


Yes, I have and use Hazel. I haven't gotten far on this project just yet. I am still fighting to get all my decades of Ev****te notes imported into Obsidian. So far, I have started that project over about a dozen times. It is going very well now, but it has been a battle. There are dozens of peeps telling you what can be done, but nobody tells you how to start step-by-step. I have created an extensive step-by-step roadmap myself because I needed one.

However, on this FileThis thing, yes, I will definitely be eyeballing Hazel. But there will still be much for Applesoft and KBMn to do to extract mail attachments in order for them to be added to Obsidian.

Regardless, thanx for reading my post, and thanx for the responses.


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