Automatically start meeting and recording on Microsoft Teams

Since Microsoft seems to be a bit unresponsive to implement automatic recording of meetings, I wrote a Keyboard Maestro macro that will do the trick of opening a class meeting and automatically start recording.

I hope this can help fellow teachers to diminish their cognitive burden and concentrate on actual teaching.

Initiate Class Meeting.kmmacros (28.6 KB)

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Hi, I haven't used Macros in teams. Can you please elaborate a bit about how to use it in teams?

Hello! The macro is simulating keystrokes and clicking on images (it looks for the camera icon to start a meeting, for example). To start a class, I go to the appropriate channel (usually the "General" channel in a team corresponding to a class) and start the macro with CTRL+K M.

It's been working fine and solved the problem of forgetting to start recording at the beginning of a class.