Automating an Application (Microsoft Teams) Using URLs

KM 9.2, Mac OS 11.2
I'm wanting to create an automation that opens Microsoft Teams at a specific team, and joins a meeting which I know is there.
I know that it's possible using the click on image action, but I also know that MS Teams should support a deep URL scheme, at least according to this post, it does.

My question revolves around how I can have an action that "tells" an application to do a specific thing via a Deep Link URL. I have tried using the "Apply Modifiers" action but that has no noticeable result.

My ideal workflow is a key shortcut that activates MS Teams and joins a pre-determined recurring video call.

If you know what the deep URL is you should be able to use the open URL action with the app set to be Microsoft Teams:


This doesn't appear to work. I have a deep URL to a channel in teams. The macro activates teams but just seems to ignore the Open URL action, or at least the teams client doesn't do anything.
I can set the action to open in Safari, which then offers me a popup asking if I want to allow safari open the teams client. If I click allow then it does the right thing, but this is too cumbersome to build teams workflows with.
Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this or anyway of bypassing the safari popup?

OK. I've found a workaround.
If you send the link to Google Chrome and the first time you ask Chrome not to ask you again for confirmation then it works.


To open in Teams without going through the browser you just need to replace ‘http://teams…’ with ‘msteams://teams…’


I'm a total KM newbie, but Stevelw's response is great, works wonderfully for me so far anyway.


I think I spoke too quickly, replacing "https://" with "msteams://" does indeed start up the Teams app - but it just displays wherever I was in the app when it was last used - it doesn't go to the exact spot that the URL refers to (and where you go if you keep the https:// instead). Perhaps Teams has changed?

Would love my Macro to be able to jump into a specific location of the Teams app...

Did you ever fix this?

If not, what type of URL are you trying to use? (i.e. a link to a message, or a channel or…)

I definitely got something going and it works fine. I use a hotkey to trigger a KM macro with an Open URL, and that serves to open up a specific List that I work with, within a particular channel of a particular team. So it it works great.

Problem is, the URL is a long crazy URL and I don't remember how I came up with it, maybe the source of the URL is to go to the desired place within the Teams app, then in the desired tab click the little "v" pulldown menu, select "copy link to tab". But I'm not sure, and pressed for time so can't experiment right now. Thanks for the followup!