Automating DEVONthink Pro Office Script Actions

I would like to automate the running of a DEVONthink Pro Office script using a Keyboard Maestro macro that is triggered by time such as every Tuesday at 11:00 PM. I have tried recording myself doing the action but the Scripts Menu is not an alphanumeric name but the scripts symbol and I cannot find how to identify that menu to KM. I have also tried setting up a KM macro to run the same thing but I copied and pasted the script into KM as an action. This also fails for some reason.

I would appreciate any guidance.

UPDATE: I continued to work on this and have found out how to execute via Hotkey. Next step is to figure out how to get it to activate by time.

Under “triggered by any of the following”, if you click on the green plus sign next to the hotkey trigger, a dropdown of all the trigger types will appear. Select “time of day” and then you can select the time and day(s) you want.

Thanks, I appreciate the assistance.

Hello @Jim_Trentham, I solved it with the DPT script for me:

1.) DPT script folder and look for the corresponding script in the finder
2:) Script opened and copied with the Script Editor.
3.) Create a macro in KM and select the day trigger

So you don't have to assign any shortcuts and you can change the applescript for yourself.

Thank you very much for the assistance.

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Glad I could help you :sunglasses: Here are some examples of how I integrate KM into my DPT workflow.

Change date and set an input stamp (with PDFpen Pro):


DEVONnote and Search:

Much appreciated.

May i ask you which action you’ve been automating?

I’d like to automate the Daily Backup Archive script.
Problem is i have several DevonThink databases.

I assume I should copy DevonThink Daily Backup Archive script and modify it according to the name of each of my databases (and insert a Pause between each Backup Action).

I don’t know anything about Apple Script. Any suggestion/example of a modified script with the name of a dummy database (say testdatabase…)? Thanks.

I use DTPO to archive my emails from Apple Mail.

I also use DTPO as a database for documents saved from the Web and other as well as a place to index files that I don’t wish to import to/save in DTPO.

In DTPO there is a script (under Data in the Scripts Menu) that triggers an update of indexed items of all databases. I have just gotten through automating that function using Keyboard Maestro so that I don’t have to remember to do it.

I have multiple databases as well.


But, in my case, the script is Daily Backup Archive. I don’t know what to change in the script provided by DevonThink Pro Office in order to build my Keyboard Maestro macro, as explained above.

Thanks anyway @Jim_Trentham for providing your script.

My databases are backed up hourly/daily by Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner and CrashPlan.

Mine too :wink:
But when on the road for several weeks with my MBP, i have no Time Machine, Backblaze is on my desktop far away and my CCC daily backups are set not to keep any archive…

On other respects, Daily Backup Archive script also checks the integrity of my dbs.

Hope somebody comes up with the script i need. Thanks.

Here's what I use for all my DTPO backups - you don't have to modify the Daily Backup Script at all. The example below backups up a DTPO database named Computer.

Backup DTP Computer database.kmmacros (5.0 KB)

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Hi Rolian,

You’re just fantastic!!!
Thank you very, very much indeed :smile:

The example macro you provided not only works perfectly but also helped me a lot in my first steps with Keyboard Maestro (I manually recreated the macro in order to learn how to use the soft). I added all my databases to the Keyboard Maestro macro :wink:

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