Automating Photos sync

I upgraded to Yosemite and Photos and setup iCloud Photo Library. Unfortunately the sync is using all my bandwidth. I’d like to pause the sync and restart it each day during my unlimited bandwidth window. The recording partially works but won’t click the pause or resume buttons.

Launch Photos
Open Photos preferences
Click iCloud
Click the “pause” button.

Everything works except the last step. Instead of recording a click on the pause button it registers a window resize. Any ideas on how to get this working?

You may need to add Pause actions before each click to ensure the window is as expected when you click (especially if there are animations or other slow processes that result from previous steps in the macro.

If you are using a Press Button action, then the button may not be a real button (which is all it can find) and instead you will need to use a Click action.

If you are using a Click action, and the position is a fixed distance from a corner of the window, then use that. Leave the “Restore Mouse Location” option off so that you can see what the click is in the right location.

Alternatively, you may need to use Click at Found Image if the button is not in a consistent location.

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I was able to get it work using the click action following your instructions. Appreciate you taking time to respond.

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