Automating Safari split view

I'd like to be able to open two url's in different safari windows, and arrange them side by side in split view. The attached KM macro almost does this (but no consistently - not sure why?) - but it doesn't maximise the Safari windows, just arranges them in the right place. That will do, I'm just curious why I can't use equivalent of the long click on the windows green maximize button.

Those should work fine. Can you upload your macro?

Any time something is not robust, the most likely cause is the macro running to quickly.

Add a Pause or Pause Until action as appropriate to ensure the previous steps have happened.

For example, add a Pause Until %SafariURL% contains wp-admin or /kb/ after each Open URL and before resizing the window.

I've checked this, and it seems to be running OK now

I've uploaded the macro for interest set up wordpress editing evnoronment.kmmacros (4.5 KB)

But no one has answered the "long press on the green button" question to maximise the safari windows?