Automating ScanSnap Manager

When scanning with ScanSnap Manager, you press a button on the scanner and a sort of thumbnail appears on your screen. When you are ready to Finish Scanning, you click the button of that name. A macro for that is as simple as "Press Button 'Finish Scanning'.

It works like a charm, than gets complicated. The next window that comes up has a button called "View Cropped Images" and a button "Next". Part of the complication is that it takes an indeterminate time time for that next Window to come up. So I played with delays of various lengths, but even when i get the pause long enough, it doesn't work to just say "Press Button 'Next'. I have tried to make it find the image of the "Next" button, but that doesn't seem to help either.

And finally there is a last window, "Save and Quit" that i think has the same problem, but it's hard to tell, since it seems to be a repeat of the previous step that doesn't work.

Any ideas?


Instead of using delays, why not try a Pause Until action with a found image condition to wait until that second window appears; the image would be of the ‘View cropped images” button you mentioned. You can then use a similar action for the third window.

Edit - instead of Found image condition you might be better off with the ‘button” condition, so the macro waits until the button you mention exists etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. I've already tried that, but i think my problem there is not being able to specify the proper name of the window or or the status of the window. Nothing happens and the window just sits there.

Hey @jimmymaciii

ScanSnap's Mac software has been oddball for about as long as it's existed.

You may find a few ideas here: