Automations Advice for Long Automations

Hi guys,

im running an automation where im automating my social Media Activities. The Automations are quite long for many Accounts. The automations sends out connection requests, replies to messages, liking posts for like 10 accounts.

I have the Problem that some situations occur, where the Macro just stops, although im sure that nothing is wrong with the automation. 1 Week its running perfectly and on the other day it just stops at one point.

How do you guys handle huge Automations?

What are you asking? How to debug problematic long running macros?

The most likely problem with any complex macro is timing. It's relatively straight forward to ensure the steps are all correct, but the riming is easy to mess up, and especially on long macros if you are not ensuring the the system/application is up to the same state as your macro expects, it's going to go off the rails.

Some actions that fail will detect the failure and report the error, so check the Engine.log. You can also use the Log action to explicitly report things in the log file which can help debugging without interfering with the running of the macro by displaying any UI.

How long or huge are we talking?

Do these run for a long time? E.g. minutes or hours?