Automator Workflow Fails - Image Conversion From PNG to JPG

Hey KM's!

I am trying to run an Automator workflow from Keyboard Maestro. The workflow works as a "Quick Action" in the Finder, but KM gives me this error in log and nothing happens:

2021-09-28 13:01:26 Execute macro “PNG to JPEG & Resize & imageoptim” from trigger Name
2021-09-28 13:04:51 Running application query took a while (3960 us)

I know Automator is not the most compatible, so here is the workflow I am trying to execute on:

  • Take selected image files in Finder
  • Rename all items to "ItemName - URL"
  • Scale images to 2000px max
  • Change PNG to JPG
  • Open items with ImageOptim app

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I use this automator flow in Finder:


Hey Martin,

Please zip and post the actual workflow file.



Attached zipped Automator workflow

to JPG (205.9 KB)

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Hi CCstone!

Thank you for taking the time, really! Attached here:
Png to JPEG & Resize & (108.1 KB)

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