Automator Workflow Fails - Image Conversion From PNG to JPG

Hey KM's!

I am trying to run an Automator workflow from Keyboard Maestro. The workflow works as a "Quick Action" in the Finder, but KM gives me this error in log and nothing happens:

2021-09-28 13:01:26 Execute macro “PNG to JPEG & Resize & imageoptim” from trigger Name
2021-09-28 13:04:51 Running application query took a while (3960 us)

I know Automator is not the most compatible, so here is the workflow I am trying to execute on:

  • Take selected image files in Finder
  • Rename all items to "ItemName - URL"
  • Scale images to 2000px max
  • Change PNG to JPG
  • Open items with ImageOptim app

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I use this automator flow in Finder:


Hey Martin,

Please zip and post the actual workflow file.



Attached zipped Automator workflow

to JPG (205.9 KB)

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Hi CCstone!

Thank you for taking the time, really! Attached here:
Png to JPEG & Resize & (108.1 KB)

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Automator has an action to "get" clipboard contents called "Get Contents of Clipboard". Why don't you have KM place the file names into the clipboard, then call an Automator flow that reads that data?

But I infer the same concern that you must have - why doesn't the KM "Execute Automator Workflow" action provide a way to pass it data? I don't know the answer to that.

EDIT: when I wrote that comment I had no idea this was a 2 year old thread. Sorry!