Availability of ICU date and time locale feature in Keyboard Maestro?

I am trying to create macros that deal with dates and times to automate the production of multilingual documents.

For example, let’s say I would like to be able to generate the following dates in the specified locales. The actual formatting pattern is not important for this question, all I want is a way to specify the locale.

12 juillet 2017 (fr_CA)
12 July 2017 (en_US)
12 julio 2017 (es_MX)
12 Juli 2017 (de_DE)

The ICU API allows such locale-based formatting with the DateFormat / SimpleDateFormat and Locale classes. Does anyone know if these parts of the ICU API are available from within Keyboard Maestro, or should I make external calls to handle the locale formatting?

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No, there is no internal suppose in Keyboard Maestro for specifying different locales.

You could presumably do it with JXA I suppose, though I don’t know how exactly.