Available when a focus window exists but title does not match:

I can use this just for one focused window, when I have an other one which I don’t want KM enabled, what is the way?

We need more details, please. What are the differences between the two windows?

I have made some shortcuts in Premiere pro.
when I have a window like speed setting of a clip, ok I can disable it with the exception of KM.
if I open an other window, like export settings, the KM doesn’t disable, so in my num keyboard I use for shortcuts , don’t type numbers… that is my problem
I need the KM enabled only for my timelines, which have their own name each.

What is "KB"?

sorry I mean KM, (keyboard maestro)

You should be able to use a IF/THEN action to CANCEL the macro if the wrong window is frontmost. Something like this, at the top of your macro:

You can add multiple IF conditions, and change the IF "all..." to IF "any..."

Finally I fixed It, this way!
Thank you JMichaelTX.

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