Avid Pro Tools 2019 OSX Create macro for Event Operation/Quantize/select menu and scroll to specific duration

I am looking for some advice, suggestions or to hire someone to make a macro for me in Avid Pro Tools 2019 OSX. The first part is easy opening Event Operations/Quantize (opt O). A window pops up. The next part is selecting a box in the window and then pressing that box, a scroll down list appears of values, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc....this is a positional thing there are no key commands to set here. I've tried to record my movements to make a KM macro for each value without much success.

I appreciate any input and help with this! Thank you, Mark

Have you tried using the tab key and arrow up/down keys?

Be sure that you have this setting enabled (note that it changed slightly in Catalina… the screenshot shows what it's called in Mojave and earlier)


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I'll give it a shot later today!

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You might want to start with 'click at found image'.
Then click relative to that image to select the different values.
The trigger could be a 'combo' trigger.
Tap left option modifier key then left control to select 1/1
Tap left option modifier key then left option to select 1/2
Tap left option modifier key then left command to select 1/4 etc etc.

I've uploaded an example of what can be done for 'combo triggers' thanx to
@DanThomas and the great macros he makes.

Multi Press Modifier Grid.kmactions (418 B)

I was a sound designer/mixer for over 30 years.
The last 15 years (or so) were on Pro Tools using Quickeys and I had outrageous sequences built.
I no longer am in the business but know that if I were, Keyboard Maestro would absolutely be smoking all day long in Pro Tools!


A Quantizer Macro for all you Protools folks out there!
After download first enable the Quantize group in the groups column with Keyboard Maestro.
This macro only fires while Protools is in front by using control `.
Make sure you select your midi notes first!
The dotted and triplet buttons are toggles. Press apply to quantize.

Quantizer.kmmacros (81.2 KB)


Thank you I will give this a try

Thank you so much

Giel-incredible. Thank you so much

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You're welcome. Save a lot of hassle this one. Does it work on your rig?

You can also add a return keystroke at the end of each quantize option to instantly have it done.
Did it without so you can visually verify what you're doing.

Hi Giel-This works perfectly. Again so thankful for your generosity, knowledge with this. One question, I'm also using a Streamdeck from Elgato. Is it possible to assign a KM macro to a 3rd party device like Streamdeck or Xkeys (pressing a hotkey)? Thanks again

Sure you can. Just a matter of adding a device key as trigger to each of the macro’s.
You can add an action to automatically press Apply to keep you from having to press apply.
I added a small delay before doing that so you can visually confirm the right selection is made.

Yes, but you have to enable the Keyboard Maestro functionality in the Stream Deck. I believe it is now included with the Stream Deck software but not enabled by default.