Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for Army Users

The Army (specifically NetCom) is shutting down commercial internet access to TEAMS for the Web, Outlook for the Web, and Sharepoint on the Web. I encapsulated TEAMS and OUTLOOK into Chome and Safari apps, respectively, and that enabled me to switch between them with hotkeys (using Alfred) and automate various tasks (like repetitive transit calendar events) using Keyboard Maestro.

Army users must use Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to access anything. This makes switching between apps, etc., less feasible, if not impossible. Keyboard Maestro will only be able to "see" AVD and not the apps "running" inside AVD. I have been thinking a lot about how to shift my Keyboard Maestro automation into this limited environment.

I think I could take advantage of Keyboard commands that work in-app in AVD and can be triggered by Keyboard Maestro. That specific app would need to be in focus within AVD, so I think misfires will be common.

I will have to rely more heavily on "click at image," which is the worst option in Keyboard Maestro, IMO, but I will have to do it.

I hope other Army macOS users find their way to this topic. We can share ways to continue automating our workflows when we are trapped in AVD.

Continuing to look for a new government job outside of the CUI-is-more-secure-than-SECRET environment,