Backup Changes to a Note Program to GitHub

I am using the GitHub desktop. I got this far.

Something is wrong with GitHub. It is translocated? I am using a Mac Catilina and I dragging GitHub icon into all the other icons after it downloaded.

Next I try to insert text by pasting. I need to fill in something like the time and date into a field as the name of the item that I want to automate.

Finally I clicked on the button by recording.

Maybe there is a better way I select the field and then copy in the current time and date?

To click the button in the program, I think I just name the button as displayed and then set up to click a button. Or I record the process.

Grateful for any help.

I think you need to:

1.- solve the Translocation:[]=translocated

Is the app in the Applications folder?

2.- Swap the Move and Click and Insert Text, so,
first Move the mouse and click the text field, then
Paste the current time and date

You can also just insert the date directly without variables:

same for the time:

Thank you for showing me how to write the time and date.

Could I put it all in one inserted text?

Where should I have looked up the proper way of writing time and date? I mean, what is the question I should have asked the Internet? The verb is not formatting.

GitHub desktop is not in the application folder. I downloaded it and I can't find it.

I am thinking of reinstalling it, but I do not know what is meant by moving the app into the app folder using the Finder.

Most apps require you to drag the app into the applications folder. I don't remember what happened when I downloaded GitHubDeskTop.

Hey @Ellenm,


It's generally a good idea to start by searching the Keyboard Maestro Editor's menus.


Search for “date” – if you find something you can usually get help for that item by holding down the key while selecting the menu item.

You can also try:

Edit › Insert Action › By Name...


Search for “date”. Note that at the bottom of the dialog is a help link for the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.

There's not much help available for “date” in the insert action dialog, but you'll get one hit and can take that straight to the Wiki.

In the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Help menu there's this item:

ICU Date Reference

You should familiarize yourself with all the items in the Help menu.

Then there is the Wiki: Keyboard Maestro Wiki which is also a good place to start.

And of course you can always search the forum itself.

Start off with the simplest possible search specification and expand from there:

“date format”
“insert date”
“formatted date”

Search for "name:GitHub Desktop kind:app" with Spotlight (without the quotes).

If you find it select it in the Spotlight dialog, hold down the key and, hit Return

You'll be taken to the application in the Finder.

From there you can drag and drop the app into the /Applications folder.


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My guess is that it is in your ~/Downloads/ folder. If so, quit the app, then "click and hold” on the icon and drag it to the /Applications/ folder (which is probably available in the left “sidebar” in Finder).

If not, ccstone has given you a good suggestion on how to find it.