Backup Keyboard Maestro -- Export ALL Macros, Clipboards and Variables


... and sorry to ask this question again (I'm not sure of myself! ...):

How can I be sure to make a full backup of all Macros, Clipboards and Variables for installation on a new Mac?.

What are the differences between .kmlibrary and .kmmacros?

Thank you for your insights (and again sorry to ask this recurrent question).


See the wiki: How do I backup / transfer my installation to another Mac?

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Hey @tempo,

Below is an AppleScript packaged as a shell script, so it can be run from the Terminal.

Unzip it, and place it here:


This path might not be in the path set up on your system, and you can find out by pasting this into the and hitting Return:

echo $PATH

If usr/local/bin is NOT in your path then see this post:

Create a PATH Environment Variable for Keyboard Maestro and Add /usr/local/bin to the Default Path

Once your $PATH is squared away:

Rename the script file to something simple and mnemonic like:


Then you can run it from the Terminal by just typing the name and Return.

I would just run it as a macro, BUT it's safer to quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine before backing up Keyboard Maestro's bits and pieces – and KM doesn't function without its engine running.

~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/
~/Library/<Keyboard Maestro plist files>

These are placed in a dated folder on the Desktop.

You can examine the script file in any text editor.

I've marked it as executable which is required to run from the Terminal – so the system might complain it's from an “unknown developer” and make you authenticate it.

(I can help if you have any permissions issues.)

NOTE – I run my copy from FastScripts rather than the Terminal.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.


Download ⇢ (2.2 KB)

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Thank you very mush!... :wink:

Post #3 EDITED 2018/09/07 09:47 CDT
    - Added some instructions.