Bad, bad dog ...I mean macro

I have a list of macros that I call up by the key. For example, four different macros related to screenshots are all called by4. Then I pick the one I want. Works fine.

Except in my web browser, Firefox. There `4 calls up the mini-menu but it also causes the browser to back up a page. Same with any typed string instead of the '4. Doesn't happen in Safari.

Turning off my Firefox macro group or moving the macro to the Firefox group make no difference.

What could possibly be happening?

Can you please post your macro so we can inspect it? Thanks

Many handy macros with the `1 trigger bring up a KM menu of the macros with emails, address bits, etc.

This work fine except in Firefox where it also backs the browser up to the previously viewed page.

Thanks for looking at it!!

Many (all?) of the big-name browsers enable the Delete key as a Back button on a web page. I don't know if it's specified in any Firefox menus—it's not in any Safari menus, though the behavior is there, too—but you may try remapping that built-in Firefox shortcut using the Firefox add-on Shortkeys. I'm not a Firefox user, so that means I've never used Shortkeys, so proceed using that third-party software with the level of caution you feel appropriate.

Of course, another workaround is simply to change the trigger you're using with Keyboard Maestro to something other than a typed string which then requires use of the Delete key.

Thanks. I had already found software (called FunctionFlip,
apppropriately enough) to individually flip the functions of the F
keys and so I converted F1 and F2 from brightness control to my
central macro triggers. Works great.

  Also, in the old days you could control 123 by a sentinel key

followed by the first letter of each command word needed to go
down through the menus and get whatever you needed. With this in
KM I can now largely duplicate that function in Excel and
OpenOffice. Much faster than mousing.

Thanks again for the info.