Bad Trigger - Lost Control of My Computer

I created a long macro, but I put a bad trigger that were always true (!!!). The macro started over and over again and again and again and as I used many "Move and click" it was impossible to do anything to stop it (I lost the control of my mouse). I had to crash the computer (I mean the OS, not the machine itself!).

Is there any way to interrupt a macro using the keyboard? Or maybe I should create a macro that crashes KBM in case of an error?

I also wanted to know how to stop a macro while it processes (if something went wrong and I would like to stop it and not finish the actions).

Thanks in advance for your help!


(I tried to find myself the answer, but if it exists, I didn't find the good keywords in the forum)

For these cases (which did happen to me as well) I created a macro with the trigger keyboard shortcut set to cmd + option + control + c (for "cancel", but it really doesn't matter what it is) and the only action in there is:
"Cancel all macros"

cancel all macros.kmmacros (1.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot Ben! Gonna create one right now

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Hey Yann,

I learned this lesson the better part of two decades ago...  :sunglasses:

I use: K

For KILL...

Otherwise my macro is the same as Ben's.

Whatever you use – spend some time concentrating and pressing the hotkey – so it will impress upon your muscle-memory.

My kill-switch has seriously saved my bacon several times over the years.



Thanks too Chris!

It seems so obvious we should have (create) this kind of security... after we got the problem once!

I uploaded the macro of Ben (thanks again to him) and I was happily surprised that we can add a macro so easily in KBM.

Have a good day,


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