Basic menu questions

Hi, I've read instructions but could use some simplification please:

  1. In a particular application, ProTools, (only, not globally) there is a command in a menu that I would like to trigger with a keyboard equivalent. How can I assign that?
  2. In the same application there are several commands under menus, that include a pop sub-menu to the side for a selection. How can I assign a keyboard equivalent to those?
  3. In a particular application, ProTools, (once again not globally) I want to set a keyboard equipment, so that when I type F1 it converts that into another keystroke [down arrow]. How can I set that? (This macro must not work in any other application or in Finder, only in the chosen specific application.)
  4. I have imported the macros from another other set up (authorized computer) and they work fine. But I would like to set each of them to have an exclusion, such that they work in every application and in Finder but do NOT have any effect in a particular application. (To be specific, I use F keys to launch a variety of applications. However I do not want them to work in ProTools because there are already a number of F key commands built into ProTools that I don’t want to conflict against.) Thanks, Les

Please search the forum for “Pro Tools”. Basically the app it is not scriptable, but there are workarounds for some things (not all).

My recommendation: Check out what you find via the forum search and post further questions, based on that.

Have you tried if it works the system way (System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts)?

I haven’t Pro Tools installed, so I cannot test it.

Even though I specify a particular software, this is a generic question. Almost every app has some menu with commands. I just want to know how to convert those menu pulls into key equivalents. Thank you.

Hi Tom, thanks for your help. I don’t think this needs to have a “scriptable" app involved, it should work with absolutely every app.

Maybe part of my “perspective problem” is that I have previously used a thing called QuicKeys (which is now obsolete and doesn’t function under the newest operating systems). It made these kinds of key equivalents very easy. I know KM seems to have a different programming perspective, but I think it can actually do the very same things. Thank you. -Les

Well, in general, you want to use the Menu action, for example:

__Tmp <9988 200327T022418>.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

You then can assign a Hotkey trigger to the macro.

I never used QuickKeys. Can you explain what the transition problems are?