Basic Regex

This may seem real dumb but cannot find the most basic regex syntax. All I am trying to find out is how do I separate searches using regex, e.g. \s\s is first search, but how do I type 2nd search, 3rd search etc. Having achieved that how do I separate replacements. In example first search is for double space that I want to replace with a comma. So far so good, but how do I input 2nd search for say dash mark. Not bothered about syntax for dash but how do I separate from the \s\s search from next search on same string? Ditto, on replacement, how do I separate replacements. This is so basic yet spending ages just trying to find this.

11/26/19 11:57:15 AM Saved "47-51 St Johns Wood GF.Tr" as "47-51 St Johns Wood GF.Tr".

No need to try and cram every search and replacement into a single regex. Just use multiple search actions:

Example Macro.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

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Well that makes it a bit easier!

Appreciate simplicity - will help a lot.


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