Beginner Questions: Difference Between Monterey and Catalina


Using Keyboard Maestro 10.2.

New to KM and run into some interesting challenges. I've done a fair amount of Googling before posting this. I created a macro on Monterey which worked flawlessly, only with a few tweaks.

However, there are some differences I'd like a bit of help with:

  1. KM cannot click sub menu item right after start of target application. It's as if the menu item doesn't exist yet. I tried to manually massage the top menu item by clicking it, then it works. Now I do the same in KM (see below), and it works, but wondering if there's a way to avoid this life-hack? This worked great in Monterey version of Logic (that is, a newer version). I tried to fix it by configuring the Select item again, in case there were some underlying menu tokens that didn't translate between the two versions, but it didn't help.

  2. Display progress doesn't show anything. I've tried different values, but never shows. I run a multi-monitor setup, might that influence it?

  3. Cannot send a message through iMessage. The application starts, but seems like it has insufficient rights. If so, where do set up that KM should be able to send messages?

  4. Probably more a Mac thing than KM or Logic. In Catalina, in a Save As dialog, the file name is selected and highlighted, which makes it easy to have KM type the desired name. In Monterey it is not. I life hacked it by pressing Tab 3 times, but it seems like an unnecessary way to do it. Is there a better way on Monterey?

Ok, scratch question two re: Display progress.

It works in a new macro, not sure what is going on

Will try again with original macro.

Hey Chris,

  1. Apple in their infinite wisdom does not pre-populate certain menus, and you must open them to get them to populate. This issue seems to be a bit worse will the latest couple of versions of macOS.

  2. Solved but unsolved...

  3. See: Send iMessage or SMS Message

  4. Nyet...


Thank you for following up! I'll look into the iMessage article. The thing is that I've done the basics, making sure that the contact is present and some such, but I'll give it another go.

By the way, this lazy population of menus gave me some flashbacks to Delfi programming in the late 90ies, which was the reason why I tried the double open menu hack. :man_shrugging:t3::smile:

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