Behavior of my macro changed

Hi there,
I'm super new to KM, and I'm sure I'm doing something foolish but can't seem to figure out what it is.

I created 4 very simple macros. I tested them and they worked fine. Now suddenly (minutes later) one of them isn't doing what I expected. I must have changed something in system preferences or something like that, but I sure don't see it.

The goal of this macro is simply to type control shift down, specifically so that I can quickly select down in excel. The macro was working as expected. Now it is launching apple music instead.

KM v. 9.0.4
Mac OS 10.15.3
Select Down.kmmacros (1.5 KB)

Trigger hot key F8
Action type the ctrl shift down arrow keystroke

Macro is enabled

When I look in mac system preferences -> keyboard -> shortcuts, I don't see anything mapped to F8.

The KM engine is running.

Thanks for any ideas to help.

Your macro is pressing ⌃⇧DownArrow. Have you checked System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts for that? (And also any other macros you have.)

By the way, if the macro is only for use with Excel, then you should create a macro group that is only active while Excel is frontmost, and put the macro there. This might not help in this case, but in general macro groups restricted to specific applications help to reduce the risk of conflicts.

Thank you, Tom!

⌃⇧DownArrow is indeed the keystroke I'm looking for. When I do that directly in excel, it works as expected.

I have double checked keyboard shortcuts for F8, and don't have anything for that key. I don't have any other macros for F8.

I have now created a macro group for just excel. I've also restarted my computer after those checks/updates, and unfortunately I've still got the same problem. Is there any other place a shortcut to launch apple music might be hiding?

Thanks so much,

FWIW, I deleted the macro, created a new one, available only when excel is at front. I used a different function key this time. Now it does nothing - which is honestly much better than launching apple music!

I used interactive help now that something expected is not happening. It is telling me that the macro group is not enabled, but it seems to be. I have toggled it on and off and quit and restarted KM and still have the same problem.

If not already done, try to quit and restart also KM Engine. You can do this from the File menu in KM, last menu item.

Edit: Sorry, just seen that you already restarted your computer. So this won’t help much.

The only things that occur to me ATM are:

  • Service shortcuts in System Prefs
  • Other KM macros
  • Other 3rd-party software capable of assigning shortcuts to do stuff. (Have you checked your login items? Maybe something running what you have long forgotten?)

Thank you, these are definitely helpful solutions. I've switched to a different function key, and I'm now having the issue that the interactive help tells me the macro group is inactive. I can see there's a difference between enabled and active, and I feel like I've taken care of both here, but obviously I haven't somehow....! I'm starting to think maybe an uninstall and reinstall is the way to go?


You have probably uploaded the wrong screenshot. To me it seems to be the same as the previous one (?)

Any time the behavior of something suddenly changes, the best thing to immediately do is carefully examine what changes you have made to anything on your Mac since the last time it was behaving correctly.

This sounds like somehow the Function Key preference was changed:

Make sure this is CHECKED to use Function Keys as NORMAL function keys.

Also, in the future, please upload all images directly to the forum. You can copy/paste, and image or drag/drop a file.

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Hey @JMichaelTX, you are a genius! I never noticed that fn-F8 (or F8) will launch Apple Music or iTunes. I always launched iTunes/Music by hand and then I pressed fn-F8 to start playing.

Thanks for that hint.