Best Macro List

Hey guys, I'd like to encourage each of you to build and post your list of macros.

Two benefits:

  1. Get listed on this topic
  2. Get a link to your list on all of the macro topics listed in it, so users can easly find all of your macros once they have found one of them.


Gotta list my own!!

DateTime puts the full date and time. I use this all the time. The result is as follows:
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 5:40:59 PM

If I just want the date, I just delete the day and time.

Guess this is a 1 item list!

Just added another great macro by @DanThomas

@JMichaelTX - I just added your macro:

How the heck I forgot about it I don't know, because I use it all the time. In fact, that may be why I forgot about it - it's second nature.

Occasionally I feel like taking a stab at redoing it so it runs slightly faster, but "better is the enemy of good enough", as someone famous once said! :wink: And this one is way more than just good enough.

Thank you!

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Just added this great little macro that I use many times a day.

Also, added a new macro category: “Clipboard Processing”

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Just added another great macro by the macro master.

Added a great macro by Peter.

I just added a new section for Examples.

The idea is that these example macros will help new users in getting started with some concrete, but simple examples they can quickly understand.

If you know of any macros like this that should have the example please add that tag if you can, or post the request to do so here.

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Just added the above macro to the list.

Just added a “Tips” section with the above tip.

Note that “MemberName” is the forum member name.

@danthomas #macro in:first

Just added this macro.

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Just updated OP, replacing the prior Spotlight Search with the above, since @DanThomas has depreciated the former.

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Two of my favorite macros were posted today by Dan. I'm speechless for this one.

This one lets you set different action based on key press length, so useful and more bang for the buck with a single keyboard shortcut.


Added KMFAM Favorite Actions and Macros. I don’t normally like to promote my own work, but I think this is really good, and since even Peter gave it rave reviews, I’ll toot my own horn this time.


Dan, please don’t be so shy about adding your own macros to this list. Think of it not as promoting your work, but as making the macros more available to more people. You do a lot of outstanding work, and more people need to be aware of it.


Just updated the list.
Added new section for “Web Page (URL) & Web Browsers”

Added a new section.

This suggests some kind of voting, in which case I don’t see any mechanism for this. Or is just that anyone can add anyone else’s macro? What guidelines for adding one of your own macros?