Best Macro List



Best Macro List

2018-05-01 21:17 GMT-0500

The intent is for this to be a list of the best macros, as determined by you guys, the users of Keyboard Maestro.
I have set this topic/post as a "wiki", which means anyone can edit it. Of course, we would ask you to consider carefully before you make a change.

See related topic:
Best Examples of Keyboard Maestro Macros

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Short, Simple, Example Macros

We have a tag named example which is used to tag those macros that are written specifically to provide an example of some feature and/or simple (partial) workflow. If you post such a macro, please tag with example

Macros by Category

Apple Mail

Clipboard Processing


Diagnostics and System Info

File/Folder Processing

Image Processing

Keyboard Maestro Tools


(Note: This is a draft list. You guys feel free to edit/add.)



Text Processing

User Prompts

Web Site Authoring

Web Page (URL) & Web Browsers

# Windows: Access, Analysis, Diagnostics, & Control

Other Macros

Best Macros by Author

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Must… resist… urge… to list my own macros here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here’s a cool benefit / side-effect, of having your macro listed here, in the “Best Macro List”: The link to “Best Macro List” shows up at the top of your macro topic:


I changed the listing of macros from a numbered list to a bullet list.
I think just being on the list is good enough, without trying to debate/select the precise order.


Should you pin this?


We could, but unfortunately the way Discourse forum software works, it doesn’t stay pinned for each member, after that member has read the topic.

Unless @peternlewis knows of another way to make it always stay on top in the “macro” category?


Can this topic include Plugins also, or just Macros?


My preference would be just for macros.
Let’s see how this idea goes.
If it works well, then we could add a similar topic to the “plugin” category.

I’m trying to look at this from the perspective of a new KM user.
If a user is trying to find/select a macro they need, how do they do it?

We have a mixed blessing: We have a lot of macros published/shared, but they are a variety of usefulness and quality. The “Best Macro List” is just one way of highlighting those that the user community have found most useful.

Plugins are a complicated subject, and they deal with KM Actions, not Macros.
So, to keep things simple for now, I’d rather stick with just Macros here.


OK, that’s cool.


Just added this one, from Dan the Macro Man


List updated, and sorted.


Just added this group.

Feel free to create your own list of your best macros, and then add a link to it in the above group.

To make it consistent, please use this format for topic name:
Best Macros by @[your forum ID]



Hey guys, I’d like to encourage each of you to build and post your list of macros.

Two benefits:

  1. Get listed on this topic
  2. Get a link to your list on all of the macro topics listed in it, so users can easly find all of your macros once they have found one of them.


What are your most used scripts or macros?

Gotta list my own!!

DateTime puts the full date and time. I use this all the time. The result is as follows:
Wednesday, July 6, 2016 5:40:59 PM

If I just want the date, I just delete the day and time.


Guess this is a 1 item list!


Just added another great macro by @DanThomas


@JMichaelTX - I just added your macro:

How the heck I forgot about it I don’t know, because I use it all the time. In fact, that may be why I forgot about it - it’s second nature.

Occasionally I feel like taking a stab at redoing it so it runs slightly faster, but “better is the enemy of good enough”, as someone famous once said! :wink: And this one is way more than just good enough.

Thank you!


Just added this great little macro that I use many times a day.

Also, added a new macro category: “Clipboard Processing”


Just added another great macro by the macro master.