Best Macro List

Added a great macro by Peter.

I just added a new section for Examples.

The idea is that these example macros will help new users in getting started with some concrete, but simple examples they can quickly understand.

If you know of any macros like this that should have the example please add that tag if you can, or post the request to do so here.

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Just added the above macro to the list.

Just added a "Tips" section with the above tip.

Note that "MemberName" is the forum member name.

@danthomas #macro in:first

Just added this macro.

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Just updated OP, replacing the prior Spotlight Search with the above, since @DanThomas has depreciated the former.

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Two of my favorite macros were posted today by Dan. I'm speechless for this one.

This one lets you set different action based on key press length, so useful and more bang for the buck with a single keyboard shortcut.


Added KMFAM Favorite Actions and Macros. I don’t normally like to promote my own work, but I think this is really good, and since even Peter gave it rave reviews, I’ll toot my own horn this time.


Dan, please don't be so shy about adding your own macros to this list. Think of it not as promoting your work, but as making the macros more available to more people. You do a lot of outstanding work, and more people need to be aware of it.


Just updated the list.
Added new section for "Web Page (URL) & Web Browsers"

Added a new section.

This suggests some kind of voting, in which case I don't see any mechanism for this. Or is just that anyone can add anyone else’s macro? What guidelines for adding one of your own macros?

No voting is involved. It is a qualitative best rather than a popularity contest.

Yes. We are leaving it up to the judgement of the KM user/Forum member to enter what they truly believe are macros that fall into the "best" category.

Same as adding macros authored by others.

If you want Forum members to see your entire list of macros, you can always add a line in the "All Macros by Popular Authors" section of the post. Please enter the line in alphabetic order.

There is also a section for "Best Macros by Author". So feel free to create your own list of "Best Macros" (in the Forum "macro" Category), and then add a line to this section.

EDIT:  2017-01-07  5:52 PM CT

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This is needed so everyone will get notified of the change, and the topic will get bumped to the top of current posts/topics.

Just added the above macro.

Hey guys, I just made two big changes to the Best Macro List:

  1. Reordered the list by Category
  2. Added a new macro Category: "Search".

Looking for Search Macros

If you have, or know of, any really good search-related macros, please feel free to add, or, if you prefer, post the link here and I'll add.


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I have added my Get Fragment URL in Safari macro to the Web Page section. It doesn’t have too many downloads, but I use it regularly.

Hope this is OK.

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@Tom, of course it is OK!
You have written many great macros. I'm sure there are others that should be added. Please feel free to do so.

I’ve added Find All Broken Execute Macro Actions by @DanThomas to the Keyboard Maestro Tools section.

I’d also like to add Text Expansion: System & Hardware Info by @Tom --I don’t need it often when I do it’s so damn useful–but I don’t know which section it would go in.

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I added a new section "Diagnostics and System Info", and put @Tom's macro there.

I forgot about that one – probably because I’m not needing it often either. Thanks for adding it, @cfriend & @JMichaelTX .