Best Method to Enter Website Credentials from the macOS Keychain?

I know some of you use 1Password, some just put the username and password in the macro itself. I was wondering if there's any way of benefiting/ leveraging the Apple Keychain functionality baked into Safari.


If I just trigger a click event on the pop-up, the functionality is inconsistent (sometimes the Mac asks me for my password to put the details in, sometimes it doesn't). Is there a way to fix this?

Also, what's the best practice when using passwords to be entered via macros? Thinking in terms of security.

Many thanks for your help!!

Fix it how?

As far as I know it will only ask for items that are already stored in your keychain.

(I'm still using Mojave, so things may be different down the line.)

Take a look at this Topic:

Set and Get a Keychain Password

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this is great!! exactly what I was looking for, except I'm not able to retrieve the password from keychain into a variable...

I opened the Keychain Access app, I searched and found the password name (this is simply a Safari username password). When I run the macro, I get no error but also no data is retrieved...

Any thoughts?

Set and Get a Keychain Password

I don't know what that means.. I was reading @peternlewis's original Keychain post and his example of a website login, so I don't know how this would be different.

It's a frustrating limitation, but you can't use Internet passwords created by the system.

Use my macro to create a new password and try to retrieve that new password.

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