Best OCR Form design for KM integration

Hi KM community,

I'm about to create a form where the answers will be pre-populated 99% of the time by an iMac, printed, signed by the consumer, scanned as a PDF document then the data scanned on the PDF form would need to be extracted to KM as separate variables to perform certain tasks.

Would like to hear feedback from the community in respect of the best design methods.

We will be using the ScanSnap Fujitsu ix500 scanner to scan the document(s) and require the answers in the form to be saved as separate KM variables.
Font: OCR A Standard, Font size: 10-12

Example 1 (I assume this is the easiest for KM to extract data):
Question 1 Answer 1
Question 2 Answer 2

Example 2:
Question 1
Answer 1
Question 2
Answer 2

Example 3 (my preference if possible):
Question 1 Question 2
Answer 1 Answer 2

Would love to receive advise on designing the document from the outset to minimise OCR problems later when automating.