Best Way to Keep only One Macro Group (out of Several) Enabled?


Let's say, I have a number of macro groups that use the same set of hot keys, and I want only one of the macro groups enabled at a given time, in order to avoid the conflict palette. What is the best way to do it?

  • when I enable one group, KM will automatically disable the other ones. In a real life, there is probably only one macro group to disable--the last enabled one.
  • The number of macro groups may change. I made add more macro groups to the list or remove the existing ones from the list.

Currently, the best I can think of is to:

  • first disable all macro groups and then enable the one I would like to enable.

I'm wondering what is the best way to manage the possibly dynamic list of macro groups.


you could run a macro with, say, Option-F, then in that macro have additional rules as to what gets activated after you press a key after the Option-F:
A - Activate macro group A
B - Activate macro group B


Thanks. That's a good idea when we use keyboard.
I hope I can use it with other devices that do not have keyboard keys. I guess I'll go with my original solution.

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