Best way to paste an action's XML into editor without pasting the action itself?

Howdy folks, I've been dabbling lately in XML, and it's use in KM, and have what is very likely a rookie question. How do yall recommend pasting an action's XML into the Editor without it just pasting the action itself?

Lately I was building a macro that involved building an action's XML properties using a variety of variables, and then inserting that action into the open macro. To do this I was compiling the XML itself in BBEdit, but every time I went to paste that into a clipboard action in KM, it would paste the action itself instead of the XML text. I ended up having to paste it in pieces, which could of course lead to user error and it not working properly.

So how do I paste an action's XML into a text field in KM without it pasting the action itself? Any help is appreciated, and thank you in advance!


I usually add a character to the start of the string before I paste it in, then delete the character afterwords.

Don't forget to set the action to not process tokens.