Better Palette styling; buttons, spacing,

Checked out the update and I'm disappointed to see no updates to the palettes that I can see.

Appearance I mean.

They're very rudimentary and I'd love to be able to style them and even have perhaps themes that people could share.

I have lots of buttons but finding them is hard especially since when I add another column they all shift around.

Perhaps even the ability to drill down by searching for the title or keywords associated with each one.
Here's the one I currently use in final cut pro.

CleanShot 2023-11-13 at 17.49.54

This is one of the reasons I favour Trigger Macro by Name over Palettes.

Yeah, that’s nice. But why not both? Drilling down to the button?
I’m anticipating Apple finally caving at some point and providing multitouch macs and when they do I think I’d prefer to just hit a button

Any idea whether you can add keywords for a fuzzy search? I have trouble remembering what I’ve named them.

Also, whether I can have only macros show for the application that' in front?

For instance I don't want my finder macros to show up when I'm in Keynote and vice versa.
I can do it with an if statement but that's a bit laborious for every application, right?

Mine comes pre-filled with n: which allows me to search by name. Is that what you mean?

I can search by name but, for instance, some of my buttons i just search for the names rather than remembering what they're called. "Simply Mattes Checker" I'd like to come up if I were to type in "generator" too. Would I have to include "Generator" in the title?

I'm not sure what you mean. Here are all the available Search Strings.

Fuzzy search is what I mean.
Just pulled from the web in case
" A fuzzy search searches for text that matches a term closely instead of exactly . Fuzzy searches help you find relevant results even when the search terms are misspelled."

Have you looked into Conflict Palettes? They might provide some of the "Drilling down" functionality you are looking for.

Have you tried "Trigger macro by name"? Here you can have as much "fuzzy" as you want. Add "keywords" at the end of the macro name that describe the macro or make sense to you. Now you can simply search for these terms, or for parts of them.

There are people who have built their own system, with Emoji and Text. Global macros, app specific or other criteria.

Edit: Ah, sorry @noisneil already suggested that.

Thanks. Good ideas. It’s a bit clumsy. They’ll show up on my buttons right and in the names for the maestro.

I appreciate this is a solution though !

You mean the keywords? Yes, they appear wherever the name of the macro appears, because they are part of the name and KM searches for them.